Good morning, just a short update today. Im off to work very soon, we are going to have a theme in the store today, EYELASHES! So much fun!

So starting the day by checking out the shoebox of eyelashes... what to choose...?

I picked these because they are a bit more extreme and dont really fit for normal-day use.

After I glued the eyelashes on, I started playing around with some strass aswell.
I ended up looking like this (sorry for the  bad quality on the pictures)

I have to leave now, cya later.

PS: Going to be fun to take the tram to work with this makeup.


Pimp my nails

As I told you a few days ago I polished with the new nailpolish "bronze" from Isadora, today I felt like something new. But instead of removing the polish I added some naildeco. I tried to get a fall-theme going on with some flower stickers and some green dots. Enjoy.

Who am I ?

Mabye its time to introduce myself, if you dont know me in real life you may have a few questions, who the heck is this?

Well first of all, my name is Line, Im 28 years old and Im from Norway. At the moment Im living with my boyfriend in Gothenburg, Sweden. Im working fulltime as a makeup artist, both as freelance, in a store and as a teacher. And I absolutly love my job, every day is different from the next one. But makeup/beauty is not only my job, its my passion, my hobby and my life.  My goal in life is to find the perfect foundation (next to get a house, kids, a few millions in the bank and so on, but stuff like that we dont talk about on this blogg). 

I have different periods of favourite products, one month it can be lipsticks and I cant get enough of it. The next month it may be nailpolishes and my whole salary is gone on some random webshop. For a very long time eyeshadows was the most imporant thing in life, I mean, it was so many shades of purple, and I had to collect them all.  Well, I think you get the point. And you will probably soon figure out what the product of the month is:)

When im not working, I spend a lot of my time reading blogs, watching youtube clips, organizing my makeup or shopping online.  I dont have a life beside makeup, did i mention that? ;)

Aaah well, I think you know enough now, but if u still have any questions, please leave a comment!


My MAC Lipsticks

Finally I decided to get an overview over my lipsticks from MAC (mostly so I dont buy the same color or one thats very similiar)

So this is how I store my lipsticks, so I easy can see all the names

Here you can see the colours:


First row:
Bubble, Blankety, Myth, Cream Cup, Gem of Roses, Hold the pose, Dark Deed, Viva Glam III, Film Noir

Second row:
Craving, Romancin, To Swoon for, Perfetual Flame, Unlimited, A Rose Romance, Viva Glam VI, Cute-steer, Colour Crafted

Third row:
Lollipop Loving, Toxic Tale, Vegas Volt, Crosswire, Big Bow, Sweet Bits, Candy yum-yum, Insanly, Chatterbox, Strayi

Fourth row:
Ruby Woo, Cockney, Fashion Mews, Purple Rite, Violetta, Snazzy, Night Violet, Midnight Media



So first I sorted all the polishes by brand.

Then they went down in the drawers on my lovely Helmer from IKEA

First drawer is OPI, Essie, MAC, Make Up Store, Color Club, Nubar and Nfu-Oh

Next one is China Glaze, Depend, Misa, Orly, H&M, Isadora and a lot of random brands

And the last one has only NYX and all my base/top coats and nailtreatments.

And as you can see, I have room for plenty more! :)  Right now I fancy OPI a lot, so I guess its that part of my collection that will grow in the closest future.


Todays project: organize my nailpolishes.

Something that has been on my to-do list a bit too long.
Stay tuned and wait for the result. 
Right now it looks like this:

My Wishlist atm

A few things in life would make me so happy... for my make up kit I would love to have these 3 things atm. Would make everything so easy :)

Its cold outside, its raining... and I love it!

The fall is here and that means vampy colours on nails, lips and eyes. I wish I could have one nailpolish on each nail, but nah, instead I ended up with the newly released polish from Isadora named Bronze (middle one)

All 3 polishes from Isadora this season.

I love all 3 of them.. which one is your favorite?

Oh, what just happend?

Oh thats right, I have decided to start a blog after beeing a bloggaholic for years! I have no idea if anyone will be interested in my everyday life with and without makeup and nailpolish, but here we go! 

After many hum and hu about what language I was gonna use, I decided it has to be english (doh, you may have noticed) But since im from Norway and live in Sweden, and mix those 2 languages like a retard this will be a good oportunity to fresh up my english, so bare with me and the type errors please.

If someone actually do see this, dont hesitate to leave a comment that will cheer me up.

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