Something old and something new.

Since I didn't have time to go fix my nails, they kinda grew out too far and the acrylic made it look terrible. So I tried to save it with an old favourite  - Wagon Trail from China Glaze, it was such a hype around that nailpolish a while back and I havent used it since then. But its still pretty, but VERY hard to get good on pictures. I did several tries.. but no luck ;(

Yesterday I finally got an appointment to fix my nails. Ahh.. I love the feeling of newly-done nails, they are so smooth and so perfect ! I was in a hurry so I decided to go with the classic red, my new Malaga Wine from OPI.

China Glaze

A new NOTD (Nails of the day). Well actually its more like the nails of the week. On this picture the manicure is about 3 days old, you can see on the tips that it has been some rough days at work ;P

This deep brown/red jewel is China Glaze Short & Sassy

Can you have a bad nailpolish day?

It's just like a bad hairday, no matter what I do, It just doesn't turn out good. I was trying out the new nailpolishes I bought the other day, they got bubbly, uneven, it was the wrong light to take pictures in, my cleaning job around the nails was terrible;P Some days are just meant to be natural nails I believe!

Well here are some pictures atleast, mabye you can get a hum about the colours atleast.

First out is OPI Lucerne Tainly Look Marvelous

Then I tried to save it with a coat Nfu-Oh #50 (and it got even worse)

So I decided to go with OPI Black Cherry Chutney instead:

Well what can I say... its time to repolish!! :)

OPI... again

Hello dear readers, I hope you have had a pleasant weekend. I sure have! And ofcourse I have been out shopping again... I was just going to buy a new top coat, but I got so tempted by a few colours that I just had to buy them aswell ;P

Pictures incoming.. I promise to swatch them later!

Malaga Wine (the perfect red atm), Black Cherry Chutney (I can't get enough purple nailpolishes), Lucerne Tainly Look Marvelous (awesome silver/steel grey) and a bottle of RapiDry and 2 Avojuice. The one that smells Coconut Melon I can sniff all day long, wish I could drink it!

Gradient nails

My first try on gradient nails... I am not satisfied with the result, the sponge I had was way to hard.
But I will show you some pictures, and I promise to practise some more and come back with a better manicure ;)

Sunday means new manicure

So I started out with Nfu-Oh number 61, it's a silver holo and absolutely stunning. But I wanted to do something more, so I used my black nailart from China Glaze and painted half of the nails. Then I glued some rhinestones on the thumbnails. As you all know by now, I am really bad at getting good pictures, here's what I could achieve today.


On my claws this week

Yes I have been very lazy. Shame on me. I have had the same polish on since sunday (but it still looks good)!!
This red jewel is OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry. Its a deep red, not so bright as on the pictures :/

Pimp my nails

As I told you a few days ago I polished with the new nailpolish "bronze" from Isadora, today I felt like something new. But instead of removing the polish I added some naildeco. I tried to get a fall-theme going on with some flower stickers and some green dots. Enjoy.


So first I sorted all the polishes by brand.

Then they went down in the drawers on my lovely Helmer from IKEA

First drawer is OPI, Essie, MAC, Make Up Store, Color Club, Nubar and Nfu-Oh

Next one is China Glaze, Depend, Misa, Orly, H&M, Isadora and a lot of random brands

And the last one has only NYX and all my base/top coats and nailtreatments.

And as you can see, I have room for plenty more! :)  Right now I fancy OPI a lot, so I guess its that part of my collection that will grow in the closest future.


Todays project: organize my nailpolishes.

Something that has been on my to-do list a bit too long.
Stay tuned and wait for the result. 
Right now it looks like this:

Its cold outside, its raining... and I love it!

The fall is here and that means vampy colours on nails, lips and eyes. I wish I could have one nailpolish on each nail, but nah, instead I ended up with the newly released polish from Isadora named Bronze (middle one)

All 3 polishes from Isadora this season.

I love all 3 of them.. which one is your favorite?

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