Something old and something new.

Since I didn't have time to go fix my nails, they kinda grew out too far and the acrylic made it look terrible. So I tried to save it with an old favourite  - Wagon Trail from China Glaze, it was such a hype around that nailpolish a while back and I havent used it since then. But its still pretty, but VERY hard to get good on pictures. I did several tries.. but no luck ;(

Yesterday I finally got an appointment to fix my nails. Ahh.. I love the feeling of newly-done nails, they are so smooth and so perfect ! I was in a hurry so I decided to go with the classic red, my new Malaga Wine from OPI.

I am soooo sorry

The last week has been work work work and I have neglected my blog totally. I promise to come back with more posts soon. So what have I done between my working hours? Tried to relax with a bath and a facemask.

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