Yellow and Orange MAC eyeshadows

It was a lot more work than I thought. But now its done, I have swatched all my eyeshadows. First out is the yellow and orange ones. I have tried to take pictures in different light so that you can get a hum about the colours.

From down left and clockwise:

Dreammaker, Starflash (Love That Look 2009)
Going Bananas, Frost (Dare to Wear 2010)
Bright Future, Veluxe Pearl (Style Warrior 2009)
Gorgeous Gold, Veluxe Pearl, permanent
Goldmine, Frost, permanent
Expensive Pink, Veluxe Pearl, permanent
Off the Page, Frost (Makeup Art Cosmetics 2009)

And some swatches
Dreammaker, Going Bananas, Bright Future, Gorgeous Gold, Goldmine, Expensive Pink, Off the page

Postat av: Anonym

Vilken trevlig blogg line! I like it very much indeed! /Linn på mus NS

2011-09-21 @ 14:58:18

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