What a lovely mailman..

He delivered three packages for me yesterday, this weekend is starting off really good.

Do you want to see what is inside?

Ofcourse it was more eyelashes!
I dont really like the box they are in, its paper and easy smashed. Not good to send by mail, or bring with you in the makeup bag. BUT, the quality is high, they are flexible and light. I would love to see more of these ones in a better box. Definately going to use them very soon.

I also got some disposal mascara wands, It makes life so easy when you dont have to wash them, just throw them away;P

Last but not least, my hair thingies!

Now I have to practise doing some really nice and funky hairstyles. Looking forward to try them out, since my hair is like impossible to do anything with.

I also did some shopping at MAC today, I will show you that later!



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