The last 2 days

You may have noticed it has been quiet on the blog for the last two days. I have been working long days and just haven't had the time to update. Here is a short summary about my week so far.

We had a happening in our store where the famous swedish Hollywood housewife Maria Montazami were visiting. She was releasing her new lipstick in cooperation with Make Up Store. It was over 120 people in our tiny store that wanted to take pictures with her and get her to sign the lipstick. It was sooo crowded, but so much fun.

Some random pictures from the evening:

I woke up and thought the whole building was going to fall apart. The hurricane Katia was here. And guess what, I had a photoshoot outdoors... Oh joy.

I met the photographer and stylist David and the lovely model Isabella so we could do some makeup and try on the clothes before we went outside.

Then we went outside... for like 6 hours in the hurricane. It was crazy I tell you, but I think David got some really good pictures. I will show you when I get them. (Ofcourse I forgot to take pictures outside)

Postat av: Ninnzan

Maria <3

2011-09-20 @ 19:56:25
Postat av: Line aka Colourlicious

Hehe.. visst är hon skön!

2011-09-20 @ 20:19:05

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