My favorite facemask

It has taken me years to come to where I am today, my skin is finally "normal" I have tried tons of cleansers, masks and creams. But still I almost always got some pimples, you know those annoying bastards deep into the skin, that you just have to squeeze and you end up with a huge mark in your face that takes weeks to heal. One part of my new routine is this mask from Lush, BB Seaweed. I use it a couple of times a week and it seems like it helps to hold my skin in balance. I dont say this will help for the rest of my life, but right now it does and I will keep on using it until my skin starts screaming for a change.

Postat av: Honi

Jag är obotligt lush-fan så denna gillar jag säkert också! Ska kika på den när jag kommer till sverige igen, för här i danmark har dom inte lush :(

2011-09-11 @ 11:25:36
Postat av: Line aka Colourlicious

Man hittar många små guldkorn på LUSH (farligt å jobba brevid den butiken) hehe. Danmark har kanske inte Lush, men dom har mycket annat fint;P

2011-09-11 @ 15:21:56

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