I confess, I'm a MACoholic.

Ohh, I have mixed feelings. I hate when all base products are getting empty at the same time, but then again, I can go shopping!! This week I have had 3 stops at the MAC counter (ops) It's kinda bad timing when they decide to release a new collection when I already have overstepped my makeup-budget this month. Aah.. what the heck.

First visit:
I needed a new powder to do touch-ups during the day, and again I picked Studio Careblend in Light Pluss. This is my 3rd pan, I really love this stuff. And I wanted a creamy highlighter for my cheeks, and ofcourse I ended up with Cream Colour Base in Pearl. The good old classic one, it's a perfect shade for light skin. The third product was a new eyeshadow, I wanted a new light shade that did not go too much towards brown or pink, so I ended up with Vanilla. So far I'm pleased with it, I've had time to try it out a couple of times already.

Second visit:
Well, the first time I went I was supposed to pick up a new pan with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, but they were sold out. This is the powder I use in the morning to set my foundation. So a new MSN in Medium was needed since the old one was totally empty.

Third visit:
MAC me Over was launced. Ahh... There were two items I really wanted from this collection. The super sweet blending brush #224, ohh I have been waiting years for them to release this one with a collection. Its an amazing brush and its always sold out before I can get my hands on one. But this time I was lucky! The second item was the red lipstick Runaway Red, ohh so pretty. Its a medium/dark bluebased red, it has to be the prettiest red I own. It's the perfect red for me. Im sooo happy I bought this one, I just regret that I didn't buy a backup ;(


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