Home again.

So now Im back from Stockholm and the amazing Make Up Stores SHOWGIRL show. Its not like any other fashionshow, its a SHOW with the makeup in focus. Actually I was so busy watching the models coming down the catwalk and from the ceiling, that I totally forgot to take any pictures. Please forgive me!

But when I got home there were 2 packages waiting for me... wee :)
It was this adorable little pocket mirror, I will have this one in my handbag instead of always using the mirror inside my compact powder.

My second package was a lot of testers from Garden of Wisdom, I have really been looking forward to getting these ones, since I have heard so much good about GoW. And I'm badly in need of some new skincare.

So I ordered 3 cleansers, 2 toners, 2 serums, 1 lotion and a healing gel. I think I paid around $22 for everything.
The products smells really good and you only need the tiniest amount, so these small boxes will last for a while and hopefully give me time to review them.

I washed my face directly after I had opened the package to try some of them out and now my face still feels very soft and smooth (3 hours after). Looks promising, stay tuned for updates!


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