Ebay... my worst enemy or best friend?

Whats better than coming home from work and you have a package waiting for you?
(Good thing I have trained my boyfriend, that the most important thing when an AVI has arrived at the doormat is to drop everything and run to the postoffice to get the package)

Today it was a tiny delivery, only some eyelashes. (I have ordered a lot, to compare different styles and quality)

So first out was this pack with 4 different styles, 2 pairs of each.  The wraping wasnt so good, so one of the boxes was destroyed, but the lashes weren't affected so. I really like the small pink boxes, they are kinda hard, so they dont get easily smashed and they are tiny so they dont take to much space in my makeup-case. Unfortunately the lashes feels very plastic.

Im not gonna totally diss them before I have tried them on, but it doesn't look good.

Lets hope for better lashes in the next delivery :) 


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