My MAC Lipsticks

Finally I decided to get an overview over my lipsticks from MAC (mostly so I dont buy the same color or one thats very similiar)

So this is how I store my lipsticks, so I easy can see all the names

Here you can see the colours:


First row:
Bubble, Blankety, Myth, Cream Cup, Gem of Roses, Hold the pose, Dark Deed, Viva Glam III, Film Noir

Second row:
Craving, Romancin, To Swoon for, Perfetual Flame, Unlimited, A Rose Romance, Viva Glam VI, Cute-steer, Colour Crafted

Third row:
Lollipop Loving, Toxic Tale, Vegas Volt, Crosswire, Big Bow, Sweet Bits, Candy yum-yum, Insanly, Chatterbox, Strayi

Fourth row:
Ruby Woo, Cockney, Fashion Mews, Purple Rite, Violetta, Snazzy, Night Violet, Midnight Media


Postat av: Hanna

Ohh, ett paradis av M.A.C-stift, gillas!! :D

2011-09-05 @ 04:35:12

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